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Welcome to the website of the Czech Republic visa application centre in Pakistan. This website provides information on how to apply for a Czech Republic Schengen visa.

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  • The Government of the Czech Republic has decided to stop accepting all the visa application worldwide. The VAC will not accept applications for the Czech Republic from 13th March until further notice
  • As a precautionary measure and in order to avoid the spread of the novel Coronavirus/ Covid-19, all applicants visiting the Visa Application Center are required to have their body temperature checked at the entrance. Those who have a fever will be asked to leave and return another day when their health improves.
  • Increased fees for visa applications

    Please note: As of 02 February 2020 the Schengen visa fee per person (Short Stay Visa) will increase from 60 to 80 euros or the equivalent amount in your local currency. For children between 6-12 years old the visa fee will increase to 40 euros or equivalent

  • Important notice from the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Pakistan

    Be aware that using services of any intermediaries or agents, including those offering their “services” outside of the Visa Application Center.

    Please note that while submitting your visa application you must consider that all documents submitted in support of an application must be authentic, as a single non genuine document or false statement will lead the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Pakistan to refuse your application.

    You are the only person responsible for the authenticity and validity of your documents
  • Beware of fraudulent job offers. For more details – Click here


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Welcome to the website for the Czech Republic visa application centre in Pakistan.

Published on 01 November 2018

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